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Documents for releases

If your mlr version says something like mlr 6.0.0-dev, with the -dev suffix, you're likely building from source, or you've obtained a recent artifact from GitHub Actions -- the page contains information for the latest contributions to the Miller repository.

If your mlr version says something like Miller v5.10.2 or mlr 6.0.0, without the -dev suffix, you're likely using a Miller executable from a package manager -- please see below for the documentation for Miller as of the release you're using.

Release Docs Release notes
6.8.0 Miller 6.8.0 New case verb, index DSL function, and more
6.7.0 Miller 6.7.0 New leftpad/rightpad DSL functions, unspace verb, and more
6.6.0 Miller 6.6.0 Bugfixes and unspace verb
6.5.0 Miller 6.5.0 Bugfixes and memory-reduction optimizations
6.4.0 Miller 6.4.0 mlr summary verb, exec() function, mlr cat --filename, multiline string literals, and more
6.3.0 Miller 6.3.0 Windows terminal colors, Latin-1, and more
6.2.0 Miller 6.2.0 Restore --tsvlite; add gssub and expand dhms functions
6.1.0 Miller 6.1.0 Natural sort, true TSV, sliding-window averages, and more
6.0.0 Miller 6.0.0 Miller 6
5.10.4 Miller 5.10.4 5.10 bugfix for issue #1108
5.10.3 Miller 5.10.3 Address Conda-build issue
5.10.2 Miller 5.10.2 Restore mlr manpage to distro file
5.10.1 Bugfixes
5.10.0 Miller 5.10.0 sort-within-records, unsparsify -f, misc updates; Go-port beta
5.9.1 Security update: disallow --prepipe in .mlrrc
5.9.0 Miller 5.9.0 .mlrrc feature, and fix Windows build
5.8.0 Miller 5.8.0 Better environment-variable support, new 'count' verb, bugfixes
5.7.0 Miller 5.7.0 Ports, bugfixes, and keystroke-savers
5.6.2 Miller 5.6.2 Bug fix for CSV/TSV with many files
5.6.1 Mobile-friendly docs
5.6.0 Miller 5.6.0 System calls / external commands, ASV/USV support, and bulk numeric formatting
5.5.0 Miller 5.5.0 Positional indexing and other data-cleaning features
5.4.0 Miller 5.4.0 New data-cleaning features, Windows mlr.exe, limited localtime support, and bugfixes
5.3.0 Miller 5.3.0 Data comments, documentation improvements, and bug fixes
5.2.2 Bug-fix release: 64-bit aggregators
5.2.1 Fix non-x86/gcc7 build error
5.2.0 Miller 5.2.0 stats across regexed field names, string/num stats, CSV UTF BOM strip
5.1.0 JSON-array support, fractional seconds in strptime/strftime, and other minor features
5.1.0w MLR.EXE: Windows beta
5.0.1 Two minor bugfixes
5.0.0 Miller 5.0.0 Autodetected line-endings, in-place mode, user-defined functions, and more
4.5.0 Customizable output format for redirected output
4.4.0 Redirected output, row-value shift, and other features
4.3.0 Interpolated percentiles, markdown-tabular output format, CSV-quote preservation
4.2.0 Multi-emit
4.1.0 for/if/while and various features
4.0.0 Miller 4.0.0 Variables, begin/end blocks, pattern-action blocks
3.5.0 New data-rearrangers: nest, shuffle, repeat; misc. features
3.4.0 JSON, reshape, regex captures, and more
3.3.2 Bootstrap sampling, EWMA, merge-fields, isnull/isnotnull functions
3.2.2 Performance improvements, compressed I/O, and variable-name escaping
3.1.2 Bugfix for stats1 max
3.1.1 Fix regression tests for i386
3.1.0 Minor feature enhancements, and portability
3.0.1 Miller 3.0.1 Allow scientific notation in DSL literals; mlr bar --auto
3.0.0 Integer and float arithmetic, improved documentation, minor feature enhancements
2.3.2 Iterative stats, exclude-filter, implicit-CSV-header, and other features
2.3.1 Bug fix for mlr top -a
2.3.0 Regex support, gsub, reservoir sampling, iterative stats, and other features
2.2.1 Autoconfig support
2.2.0 Multi-character RS,FS,PS
2.1.4 Improved read performance for RFC4180 CSV
2.1.4 Improved read performance for RFC4180 CSV
2.1.3 Reduce tar-file size
2.1.1 Incremental read-performance increase for CSV format
2.1.0 Minor enhancements and bug fixes
2.0.0 Miller 2.0.0 RFC4180-compliant CSV
1.0.1 Add INSTALLDIR Makefile option for Homebrew
1.0.0 Miller 1.0.0 Initial public release