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Documents for releases

If your mlr version says something like mlr 6.0.0-dev, with the -dev suffix, you're likely building from source, or you've obtained a recent artifact from GitHub Actions -- the page contains information for the latest contributions to the Miller repository.

If your mlr version says something like Miller v5.10.2 or mlr 6.0.0, without the -dev suffix, you're likely using a Miller executable from a package manager -- please see below for the documentation for Miller as of the release you're using.

Release Docs Release notes
main main branch N/A
6.11.0 Miller 6.11.0 CSV/TSV auto-unsparsify, regex-fieldname support for reorder/sub/ssub/gsub, strmatch DSL function, and more
6.10.0 Miller 6.10.0 Add --files option; bugfixes; use Go 1.19
6.9.0 Miller 6.9.0 Nanosecond timestamps, ZSTD compression, improved data-error handling, and more
6.8.0 Miller 6.8.0 New case verb, index DSL function, and more
6.7.0 Miller 6.7.0 New leftpad/rightpad DSL functions, unspace verb, and more
6.6.0 Miller 6.6.0 Bugfixes and unspace verb
6.5.0 Miller 6.5.0 Bugfixes and memory-reduction optimizations
6.4.0 Miller 6.4.0 mlr summary verb, exec() function, mlr cat --filename, multiline string literals, and more
6.3.0 Miller 6.3.0 Windows terminal colors, Latin-1, and more
6.2.0 Miller 6.2.0 Restore --tsvlite; add gssub and expand dhms functions
6.1.0 Miller 6.1.0 Natural sort, true TSV, sliding-window averages, and more
6.0.0 Miller 6.0.0 Miller 6
5.10.4 Miller 5.10.4 5.10 bugfix for issue #1108
5.10.3 Miller 5.10.3 Address Conda-build issue
5.10.2 Miller 5.10.2 Restore mlr manpage to distro file
5.10.1 Bugfixes
5.10.0 Miller 5.10.0 sort-within-records, unsparsify -f, misc updates; Go-port beta
5.9.1 Security update: disallow --prepipe in .mlrrc
5.9.0 Miller 5.9.0 .mlrrc feature, and fix Windows build
5.8.0 Miller 5.8.0 Better environment-variable support, new 'count' verb, bugfixes
5.7.0 Miller 5.7.0 Ports, bugfixes, and keystroke-savers
5.6.2 Miller 5.6.2 Bug fix for CSV/TSV with many files
5.6.1 Mobile-friendly docs
5.6.0 Miller 5.6.0 System calls / external commands, ASV/USV support, and bulk numeric formatting
5.5.0 Miller 5.5.0 Positional indexing and other data-cleaning features
5.4.0 Miller 5.4.0 New data-cleaning features, Windows mlr.exe, limited localtime support, and bugfixes
5.3.0 Miller 5.3.0 Data comments, documentation improvements, and bug fixes
5.2.2 Bug-fix release: 64-bit aggregators
5.2.1 Fix non-x86/gcc7 build error
5.2.0 Miller 5.2.0 stats across regexed field names, string/num stats, CSV UTF BOM strip
5.1.0 JSON-array support, fractional seconds in strptime/strftime, and other minor features
5.1.0w MLR.EXE: Windows beta
5.0.1 Two minor bugfixes
5.0.0 Miller 5.0.0 Autodetected line-endings, in-place mode, user-defined functions, and more
4.5.0 Customizable output format for redirected output
4.4.0 Redirected output, row-value shift, and other features
4.3.0 Interpolated percentiles, markdown-tabular output format, CSV-quote preservation
4.2.0 Multi-emit
4.1.0 for/if/while and various features
4.0.0 Miller 4.0.0 Variables, begin/end blocks, pattern-action blocks
3.5.0 New data-rearrangers: nest, shuffle, repeat; misc. features
3.4.0 JSON, reshape, regex captures, and more
3.3.2 Bootstrap sampling, EWMA, merge-fields, isnull/isnotnull functions
3.2.2 Performance improvements, compressed I/O, and variable-name escaping
3.1.2 Bugfix for stats1 max
3.1.1 Fix regression tests for i386
3.1.0 Minor feature enhancements, and portability
3.0.1 Miller 3.0.1 Allow scientific notation in DSL literals; mlr bar --auto
3.0.0 Integer and float arithmetic, improved documentation, minor feature enhancements
2.3.2 Iterative stats, exclude-filter, implicit-CSV-header, and other features
2.3.1 Bug fix for mlr top -a
2.3.0 Regex support, gsub, reservoir sampling, iterative stats, and other features
2.2.1 Autoconfig support
2.2.0 Multi-character RS,FS,PS
2.1.4 Improved read performance for RFC4180 CSV
2.1.4 Improved read performance for RFC4180 CSV
2.1.3 Reduce tar-file size
2.1.1 Incremental read-performance increase for CSV format
2.1.0 Minor enhancements and bug fixes
2.0.0 Miller 2.0.0 RFC4180-compliant CSV
1.0.1 Add INSTALLDIR Makefile option for Homebrew
1.0.0 Miller 1.0.0 Initial public release