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Building from source

Please also see Installation for information about pre-built executables.

You will need to first install Go version 1.15 or higher: please see

Miller license

Two-clause BSD license

From release tarball

  • Obtain mlr-i.j.k.tar.gz from, replacing i.j.k with the desired release, e.g. 6.1.0.
  • tar zxvf mlr-i.j.k.tar.gz
  • cd mlr-i.j.k
  • cd go
  • make creates the ./mlr (or .\mlr.exe on Windows) executable
    • Without make: go build
  • make check runs tests
    • Without make: go test and mlr regtest
  • make install installs the mlr executable and the mlr manpage
    • Without make: go install will install to GOPATH/bin/mlr

From git clone

  • git clone
  • make/go build as above

In case of problems

If you have any build errors, feel free to open an issue with "New Issue" at


Required external dependencies

These are necessary to produce the mlr executable.

  • Go version 1.15 or higher: please see
  • Others packaged within go.mod and go.sum which you don't need to deal with manually -- the Go build process handles them for us

Optional external dependencies

This documentation pageset is built using Please see for details.