Prebuilt executables via package managers

Homebrew installation support for OSX is available via

 brew update && brew install miller

…and also via MacPorts:

 sudo port selfupdate && sudo port install miller

You may already have the mlr executable available in your platform’s package manager on NetBSD, Debian Linux, Ubuntu Xenial and upward, Arch Linux, or perhaps other distributions. For example, on various Linux distributions you might do one of the following:

 sudo apt-get install miller
 sudo apt install miller
 sudo yum install miller

On Windows, Miller is available via Chocolatey:

 choco install miller

Prebuilt executables via GitHub per release

Please see where there are builds for OSX Yosemite, Linux x86-64 (dynamically linked), and Windows (via Appveyor build artifacts).

Miller is autobuilt for Linux using Travis on every commit ( This was set up by the generous assistance of SikhNerd on Github, tracked in Analogously, Miller is autobuilt for Windows using the Appveyor continuous-build system:

Miller releases from 5.1.0 onward will have a precompiled Windows binary, in addition to the MacOSX and Linux 64-bit precompiled binaries as on previous releases. Specifically, at you can select Latest Build and then Artifacts to always get the current head build. Miller releases from 5.3.0 onward will simply point to a particular Appveyor artifact associated with the release.

Building from source

Please see Building from source.